Catch More Stripers!


Striped bass are stocked in many of the nation’s larger reservoirs. In the southeast, these include major reservoirs such Hartwell, Russell, Clarks Hill, Murray, Lanier, Buggs Island (Kerr), Smith Mountain, TVA lakes, and many, many more. Many of the nation’s mid-section reservoirs are stocked with striped bass, from the East coast to the West coast. Favorable freshwater striper habitat exists as far north as Pennsylvania, and as far south as Texas and Arizona.

Reservoir stripers can grow to large sizes (up to 70 lbs), and they offer great sport fishing. The smaller fish are also excellent table fare. Many new comers to our reservoirs do not know what is needed to target these fish. Specific equipment, and specific knowledge, are both required to successfully land a trophy striper.

The Fishing For Reservoir Stripers handbook provides detailed explanations of tried and true equipment used to target reservoir stripers. Insights on where the fish can be found during specific times of the year (seasonal movements), and multiple tactical presentations for taking reservoir stripers are discussed. This information is applicable to just about any large reservoir with stripers. The information will be found useful to both the novice and the experienced reservoir striper angler.